„Bucefāls” Ltd is located in Sigulda civil parish, „Ceļmalas” and is committed to catering industry field anno 1991. „Bucefāls” establishers and owners are Līga Priļepiševa and Jurijs Priļepiševs who are tavern’s leaders since its existence beginning

The „Bucefāls” menu is created by the tavern’s housekeeper and Chef Līga Priļepiševa. The meals are made from fresh products and their taste is made so that everyone could find the meal suited exactly to his or her self. The menu’s assortment is wide and varied that includes hot and cold snacks, salad, soups, hot meals, desserts and drinks from different kinds. For clients’ comfort we offer take-away meat and fish plates and also salad. 

The special offers are home-grown lamb meat meals. In great appreciation are „Lamb shashlik skewers with wild rice mix, pickled red onions, langonberry sauce and grilled cherry tomatoes”. As a delicacy there are „Lamb glands at the base of the shiitake mushroom with artichoke puree, carrot and pea stew”.